Welcome to the Digital Practitioner Survey 2013.

The survey has been commissioned by the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation and is being run by the Institute of Education.

We are using this survey to assess the attitudes of practitioners to new and existing technologies in relation to your work, particularly for teaching, learning and assessment.

In the past, questions to practitioners have looked at particular technologies and the processes associated with that use. But, as we did two years ago with this survey, we want to extend our consideration of factors that may affect your use of technology and to do this we are asking for your thoughts about different aspects of technology-in-action in your work as a teacher.

We are asking questions on nineteen different aspects of technology-in-action, encouraging you to tell us, how you feel about your use of that technology. You will be presented with a drop-down box with eight options, please click on the option you feel represents your own view most closely. There is no right answer, and the wording is not always exactly as you may want. Go with your reaction to the choices and the identification of the one that is closest to how you feel about the statements in relation to what you do.

If you have anything else you would like to comment on please use the text box for each question. The space is for you to tell us more and indicate which specific technologies you use in each instance. Previous responses have provided some very important ideas about reactions to technology in teaching and learning.

At the end we ask you to rate your reaction to ‘technology-in-action’ in your current practice and where you see your own practice going in the near future.
All data provided will be anonymised and any analysis and subsequent reporting will not include identification of individual providers. Your responses will be held securely and in accordance with legislation. The raw data will only be shared between the research team, and the Institute of Education.

If you have any questions about the survey, or are interested in this approach, please contact me

Geoff Rebbeck
On behalf of the Institute for Education
London Knowledge Lab.
9th. September 2013