* 1. Do you have a library card for the Roachdale Public Library?

* 2. How often do you (or a household member) visit the Roachdale Public Library?

* 3. What services do you (or household members) use?  You may check more than one response.

* 4. What are some programs that you would like to see offered at the Roachdale Public Library?

* 5. When do you (or your household members) most frequently VISIT the library?

  11am-3pm 3pm-5pm 5pm-close Saturday (11am-1pm) Saturday (1pm-3:30pm)

* 6. If you have been to the  Roachdale Public Library in the past 6 months, please let us know how we are doing! All responses are confidential.

  Very much so Mostly No opinion Not really Not at all
The staff was friendly and helpful
I was able to find what I was looking for easily
There was a wide variety of books available
There was a wide variety of magazines available
There was a wide variety of movies available
I was able to find information on local resources or events
The staff assisted me in finding materials
I felt welcomed

* 7. The following are some programs we are considering. How likely would you (or a household member) be to attend a program?

  Very likely Maybe Not very likely Not at all likely
College application/scholarship assistance
Job application assistance
Crafting for a Cause (knitting or crochet projects for a specific organization)
Computer assistance (Word, Excel)
Seasonal children's acting workshops (Holiday, spring, summer, fall) 
Family book club with a monthly theme
Daytime book club
Family community projects (making birthday boxes or personal bags for foster children, etc.) 
Saturday book club
Mother/daughter book club (grades 5 + up)
Middle school book club

* 8. We love to hear from you! Please leave us any additional comments or suggestions. Your answers are confidential.

* 9. What are the ages of your household members? (Check all that apply)

* 10. Overall, how would you rate the Roachale Public Library for service?