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Dear Participant, 
You are invited to participate in the research project described below as you are a member of the ADA. 
This research project aims to acquire information regarding the prescription of aligners among dentists.
It also aims to establish why some do not provide aligners as part of their range of treatment options.
This project is being conducted by A/Professor Maurice J Meade and Dr Tony Weir, Orthodontic Unit, Adelaide Dental School, University of Adelaide
You are being invited to answer a series of questions which are mostly ‘tick-box’. The questions relate to your demographic details, aligner use and protocols in practice, digital treatment planning, case selection, adjunctive treatment modalities and post-aligner treatment retention. The survey also provides the opportunity to offer opinions on aligner use. 
The survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete. 
There are no foreseeable risks associated with your participation.
The survey will provide further evidence for dentists to evaluate their own aligner treatment practices and information for future research.
Crucially, it will provide evidence of the importance of direct clinical care in treatment with aligners. 
Participation is completely voluntary. If you agree to participate, you can withdraw at any time before submission of the survey. Submission of survey responses will be taken as an indication of consent to taking part. 
Participation is anonymous. Data from the survey will remain anonymous and will be stored by the applicant on a password protected University of Adelaide server. The results will be published in a peer reviewed journal. The data may be available (subject to ethical approval) for future relevant research for up to 5 years after publication of the results. 
Participants with specific queries regarding the survey may contact A/Prof Maurice Meade (phone number: 08 83137534; email:
The study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of Adelaide (approval number H-2022-031). This research project will be conducted according to the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 (Updated 2018). If you have questions or problems associated with the practical aspects of your participation in the project you should consult the Principal Investigator. If you wish to speak with an independent person regarding concerns or a complaint, the University’s policy on research involving human participants, or your rights as a participant, please contact the Human Research Ethics Committee’s Secretariat on: 
Phone: +61 8 8313 6028. Email: Any complaint or concern will be treated in confidence and fully investigated. You will be informed of the outcome. 
If I want to participate, what do I do? 
Please go to NEXT to start the survey.
Yours sincerely
Maurice J Meade
Tony Weir
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