Open Through Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

A recommendation may come from any current student, employee, or community members of Metropolitan Community College. MCC invites students graduating in the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 to nominate themselves to be the 2018 MCC Commencement student speaker as well. To be chosen as MCC’s Student Commencement speaker is a distinguished honor--to share experience and insights, inspire fellow graduates, and leave a lasting impression on the graduates of Metropolitan Community College is to be taken seriously.  The Commencement student speaker will recognize Commencement as both an ending and a beginning; an opportunity for graduates to reflect on what has been, while anticipating new, perhaps unknown, challenges. The speech will have special meaning for graduates in attendance; reflecting on the common educational experience; and share, in a personal way, the value of the education received at MCC.

ELIGIBILITY -Students selected from a yearly rotation of MCC campuses (*LV-2018, BT-2019, BR-2020, MW-2021, PV-2022).  *The 2018 student speaker will have attended classes on the Longview campus at some point during their MCC lifecycle*

Graduating students interested in delivering a student commencement speech must meet these guidelines;

*The 2018 student speaker will have attended classes on the Longview campus at some point during their MCC lifecycle;
*A December or May first associates and/or certificate graduate/completer
*Students must have applied to graduate;
*Plan to attend and participate fully in the Commencement Exercises, including all rehearsals leading up to the event;
*Have completed—or be on-track to complete—the required number of credit hours to qualify for graduation;
*Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0;
*Be in good disciplinary standing; and demonstrate a record of academic achievement, service, and campus involvement;
*Positive role model and representative of MCC;
*Articulate and capable public speaker.

* 1. Recommended Student Speaker's Information

* 2. How long have you known this student and in what context?

* 3. What are the first words that come to mind which describe this student?

* 4. How has this student made a positive impression in your class, as a campus leader, and/or in athletics, clubs, organizations, etc.?

* 5. Why should this student be MCC's 2018 Commencement Student Speaker? Please explain.

* 9. Which best describes your affiliation with MCC

* 10. Nominator's (Your) Contact Information