What ... another survey?

In our constant search to bring you the very best products, we are trying to find out exactly what you want and need in a mind mapping application. There are quite a few quaetions as there are many things to consider. Please answer as many or as few as you want ... but of course "all" would be perfect!

What type of mind map do you prefer?

What type of mind map do you prefer?

* 1. Choose between the examples shown ... which do you like most?

* 2. Which of the maps shown would be acceptable in your organisation

* 3. Would you like to add anything about your choices for Q1 & 2?

* 4. Is 3D mapping important to you? (Examples 3D Topicscape or iMindMap Ultimate)

* 5. How do you use visual information products?

* 6. Which of the following applications do you use?

* 7. If you answered 'Other' to the last question, which product do you use?