1. Needs Assessment Survey

Welcome and thank you for providing input into our Faculty Development planning processes. The information you provide in this needs assessment will be used to plan our faculty development activities over the next three years. Your input is critical to help us understand the needs of faculty members in relation to their teaching and learning activities, as well as support the educational outcomes of your students. Your participation is welcome and appreciated.

Ms Joanne Hamilton, Director, Faculty Development
Dr. Ira Ripstein, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
Dr. Bruce Martin, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Dr. Xin-Min Li, Assistant Dean, International Medical Graduate Programs
Dr. Jose Francois, Acting Department Head, Medical Education

Please rate the importance of developing your skills in the following areas:

* 1. Teaching Skills:

  Very important Somewhat important Unimportant Not applicable to me
Effective teaching strategies for student-centred learning
Large group teaching
Ambulatory or community based teaching
Portfolios for learning
Designing a course or educational program
Teaching the “problem” student/resident
Teaching 101/TIPs (for novice teachers)
Cross cultural teaching
Teaching procedural skills (e.g.swallowing assessment,basic laparoscopy)
Teaching evidence-based medicine
Teaching others how to teach
Teaching communication skills
Creating an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)
Evaluating learning
Evaluating a course or program
Interprofessional education
Teaching clinical reasoning skills
Small group teaching
Evaluating International Medical graduates
PBL (problem-based learning)
One-to-one teaching
Giving effective feedback
Teaching professionalism
Teaching International Medical Graduates
Mentoring in a cross cultural context

* 2. Scholarship

  Very important Somewhat important Unimportant Not applicable to me
Writing articles and abstracts for journals
Critiquing research articles
Writing an ethics proposal
Grant writing
Engaging in scholarly activities
Understanding scholarship of teaching
Presenting work at conferences

* 3. Technology

  Very important Somewhat important, Unimportant, Not applicable to me
PowerPoint for teaching
Developing on-line teaching materials or courses
Developing a course web page
Video conferencing and webcasting skills
Accessing medical information online
Audience response systems

* 4. Administration and Career Development

  Very important Somewhat important Unimportant Not applicable to me
Giving media interviews
Conflict management & negotiation
Team building skills
Chairing committees
Leading health professional organizations
Health advocacy
Fostering the career development of colleagues (e.g. mentorship, etc.)
Career planning and promotions
Preparing a teaching dossier or creative professional activity dossier
Sabbatical planning
Retirement planning
Wellness (e.g. stress reduction, time management, work/life balance, etc.)
PART B Imagine that there is a faculty development program / activity that you would like to participate in. The time and location of this program are both convenient for you. How likely would you be to participate in this program if…

* 5. … it was offered in each of the following formats?

  Not at all likely Very unlikely Somewhat likely Probably Very likely
On-line course
Individual or group consultation
1-hour session
Half day workshop
Full day workshop
A series of 4-5 workshops on a related topic
½ day a week for one academic year
½ day a week for two academic years

* 6. In a typical week, what days and times would be convenient for you to attend an educational program? (Please select all that apply.)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Before 9 a.m.
Noon hour
After 6 p.m.
Part C. Demographic Information

* 7. What is your gender?

* 8. What department is your primary appointment in? (Please select one department only)

* 9. What is your current Academic Rank? (Please select one)

* 10. How many years has it been since your first appointment as a faculty member? (at the University of Manitoba or elsewhere)

* 11. Prior to this survey, had you ever heard about the Department of Medical Education

* 12. Please share any other comments you may have relevant to Faculty Development

Thank-you for completing this survey! Your responses will help shape the programs offered by the Office of Faculty Development. If there are any additional comments you’d like to provide, please do so below or on the back of this page.