Thank you so much for participating in the MAERB webinar for surveyors. Your dedication to medical assisting programs is greatly appreciated. We would like to continue to offer more training opportunities for surveyors, and we would like to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve; in addition, we would like to hear your ideas about future training session.

* 1. Please respond to the following topics, rating each individual topic on your perception of its usefulness.

  Very Useful Mostly Very Useful Useful Generally Not Useful Not Useful
General Reminders: Practicum & Simulation Project, New Resources, Videos
Very quick overview of OSSR
Review of most common citations
Good examples of rationales
Do's and Don'ts of Rationales
Explanation of documentation
Discussion about curricular rationales
Overall Usefulness of Webinar

* 2. Please provide any additional comments you might have about the material that was covered in the Get Current! Writing Rationales for surveyors.

* 3. What resources would you like as Surveyors in order to help you review the 2015 Standards. As you know, visits will be starting under the 2015 Standards in January 2017, and that is practically tomorrow. In addition, if you also serve as an educator within a program, what resources would you find helpful as an educator.