Pacific Childcare Survey for Faculty/Staff

Dependent- a child under the age of 12 who you are responsible for (ie. your children, nieces, nephews, etc)

* 1. What campus are you affiliated with?

* 2. Are you a faculty member or staff member?

* 3. Do you have or anticipate a need for childcare while employed at Pacific?

* 4. Do you know of a student/faculty/staff member at Pacific that is dependent on childcare?

* 5. Would childcare at Pacific improve your work-life on campus.

* 6. Do you believe the University has a responsibility to address the childcare issue?

* 7. Would you use Pacific childcare if one was provided on campus?

* 8. Where do you currently take your dependent for care during work/school?

* 9. Have you had to cancel class/miss work due to childcare?

* 10. What comments would you like to share on the subject of childcare at Pacific?