We are currently conducting market research commissioned by a healthcare company and would really value your opinions.  Please read carefully through the description listed below. If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you please answer the remainder of the pre-screening survey questions below. 

The purpose of the research is to help us develop communications materials about body shaping treatments.

The study will take the form of an online community – for one week, you will be asked to log on and contribute to the online forum for 15-20 minutes every day, by answering questions and conducting activities. You will receive an honorarium for your time as outlined in the invitation e-mail.

As part of this market research, we will be showing you and asking your opinion on some communication materials about body shaping treatments that are currently available. The material to be shared with you is for market research purposes only and is in no way intended to be promotional. Any information you provide will be combined with feedback from others like yourself and reported in an aggregated way. Online, you will be given a persona or username that protects your identity. All information will be treated confidentially. 

Participation in the market research will include the following activities:

•           Video submission

•           Pictures / personal images of yourself or your home as part of certain activities

•           Participation in an online blog/forum

The platform will be private and will only be accessible by other participants, the moderator, Purdie Pascoe, the client, and its data processors.

The resulting audio, footage, transcripts, data or extracts of it, will be used, viewed (including in real time), listened to and/or read by members of the Purdie Pascoe project team working on this research project, and that this will in some form be shared with the client. This information will be appropriately protected and destroyed after the research purpose is complete.

You may, at any time, ask to know what personal data we hold about you and subsequently request your personal details to be amended or destroyed. You can access your personal data and have it corrected at any time, by contacting SIS International Research.