1. Natural Heritage MapViewer TRACKER Migration

Montana Natural Heritage MapViewer Survey
March 2014

This survey is designed to collect input from users for our new Observation, Occurrence, and Structured Survey tools in the Natural Heritage MapViewer. These new tools replicate the functionality currently only available in the NH TRACKER web application for registered agency partners. These new tools enable you to query and view the detailed observation and species occurrence data.

This release is a Beta version. When computer software is being developed it progresses through developmental stages. A Beta version or Beta release software usually is the first version of a computer program that implements all features in the initial software requirements specification and is considered an intermediate stage. It can be unstable but useful. Generally considered a preview stage where testers (sometimes, the general public) are encouraged to use the beta software and provide feedback for the developer. The provided feedback from beta testers allow the developer to fix bugs (errors) in the software and sometimes suggested features are implemented into the final version of the software.

The survey is short and should take just a few minutes of your time. Please provide contact information below if you are willing to let us follow up on your responses to get more help, clarification, and information, but please don't let that inhibit your honesty and frankness. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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* 1. OPTIONAL: Please provide your name and contact information if you are willing to let us contact you regarding your answers.

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* 2. Do you currently use the detailed observation and species occurrence reports in the Natural Heritage TRACKER?

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* 3. If yes, please indicate how often on average you currently use the detailed report functions in TRACKER.

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* 4. Please tell us the approximate amount of time you spent using the new Observation, Species Occurrence, and Structured Survey tools.

  < 10 Minutes 10-30 Minutes 30-60 Minutes 1-2 Hours 2-5 Hours > 5 Hours
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