Dear Graduate,

Congratulations on meeting this milestone in your life. Having a high school diploma will open many doors for you.

Help us make Findlay Digital Academy a better program. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey. All survey answers are anonymous.

* 1. What are your immediate plans (from now through the next 3 months)?

* 2. What are your plans for the near future (three months to a year from now)?

* 3. On a scale from 1 to 4 check the number that best represents your feeling.

  1. strongly disagree 2. disagree 3. agree 4. strongly agree
FDA made learning productive and encouraged me to graduate
FDA provided a safe learning environment
FDA maintained a drug-free environment
FDA provided a strong foundation in the use of technology
My teachers were knowledgeable about the curriculum being taught
Students and parents were regularly notified concerning academic progress
I was challenged to experience academic growth each year
FDA enforced rules consistently and fairly
FDA helped me develop the values of hard work and responsibility
FDA helped me develop good citizenship characteristics
FDA helped me learn how to deal with social issues
FDA helped me develop a curiosity for learning
FDA helped me learn how to work independently
FDA helped me explore possible careers
FDA helped me establish personal & career goals
FDA helped me develop a resume

* 4. Are there any courses that you would suggest that FDA offer in the future that would help future academy students?

* 5. Each school has areas where it excels. In what areas does FDA excel?

* 6. Every school has areas where it needs improvement. In what areas does FDA need to improve?

* 7. What advice would you give our current seniors?

* 8. Ethnic Origin

* 9. Gender

* 10. Are you graduating

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