Broadband is a fast, reliable connection to the internet that has the potential to increase opportunities for individuals and businesses. In addition to allowing people to access enormous amounts of useful information, broadband could: improve public safety, allow people to stay in their homes at later ages with support from telemedicine, help businesses reach customers who are far from the business location, enable people to study from their homes, and provide necessary occupational and personal connections for those who would love to stay in (or return to) Maine.

This survey is the first step in evaluating our current broadband status. We appreciate your time in completing the survey.  If you have questions, or would prefer a paper copy, please contact Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG) at (207) 783-9186.


* 1. Do you have internet service in your Home?

* 2. Do you have internet service at your Business?

* 3. If you do not have internet service at Home, why?

* 4. If you do not have internet service at your Business, why?

* 5. Address of internet access

* 6. Who provides your internet connection?

* 7. General information on your plan. Have you chosen the highest subscription rate?

* 8. What is the cost of your plan?

* 9. Speed Test (optional):

To help us better understand your current capability we would like you to run a speed test, it is quick and easy! We will ask you a few question about the test results in the next few questions.

To check your home or office internet speed. Open your internet browser and type in the link or search "upload and download speed test" in a search engine. In when the website loads, click on BEGIN TEST in the middle of the screen. This will start an upload and download test to see the rate of speed per megabyte your internet is functioning at. This process should be the same for other links in your search engines. Once the test is done in the middle of the screen there will be the speed that your computer’s internet is uploading and downloading files.

* 10. Time of Day test was taken?

* 11. Download speeds?

* 12. Upload speeds?

* 13. What are your needs for internet?

* 14. Do you or any member of your household telecommute?

* 15. Do you need basic help on learning to use the internet?

* 16. Personal Use (I want to learn more about). You can only chose one. Please add additional answers in others box.

* 17. Business Use (I want to learn more about). You can only chose one. Please add additional answers in others box.

* 18. Which of the potential effects of improved broadband access do you believe would benefit your town?

* 19. If you would like to be updated on what is happening with this project, please enter your email address.  Thank you for participating!