Thank you for participating in this survey to determine if there is interest in creating a women's network in public broadcasting. Results will be collected over the next several months and reported back at upcoming industry conferences, including NETA 2003.

You can help by forwarding this survey to your colleagues around the system.

This survey came about as a follow-up to a gathering of women leaders at the 2002 PBS Annual Meeting. This special women's event was sponsored by CPB (Thank you Yoko!) and featured guest speaker Mary Bitterman, past-CEO of KQED. It was a wonderful gathering for the 70 women leaders in attendance and it prompted the question, "What next?" Hence this survey.

It was reported at the event that there are 28 women General Managers in PTV, representing 16% of the total GM positions. Our question is, what more might be done to support women in Public Broadcasting leadership roles?

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Cindy Browne at cbrowne217@aol.com.

Thanks again,

Elizabeth Christopherson, New Jersey Network
Cindy Browne, Leader Evolution