1. Saint John's Outdoor University Program Evaulation

Thank you for attending a field trip with Saint John's Outdoor University. Please share your thoughts with us regarding your experience.

* 1. Class description

* 2. School District

* 3. Please rate the following.

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree N/A
The field trip experience complemented my classroom curriculum
The field trip experience was grade appropriate
The field trip experience addressed academic standards necessary for my students
Outdoor University staff were knowledgeable about field trip subject matter
Outdoor University staff used effective teaching methods with my students
My students enjoyed their time during the Outdoor University field trip
I intend to bring students on a field trip in the future
Outdoor University staff were concerned with the safety of my students
Outdoor University staff instructed my students on how to be safe when outdoors

* 4. Describe the interaction between the Outdoor University staff and your students

* 5. Please indicate ways, if any, you integrate the Outdoor University field trip into your classroom curriculum. Check all that apply.

* 6. Please rate the field trip logistics.

  Agree Neutral Disagree N/A
Making arrangements for the field trip was hassle-free
I used the field trip request form on the website
Program fees are reasonable
Transportation reimbursement was crucial in making the trip affordable
It is helpful to have the portable toilets available

* 7. Other comments or suggestions?