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* 1. Name and Email Please...

* 2. What's stopping you from being known as the hot shot in your industry and the envy of your all your in-laws?

* 3. What is one thing the Nerd Site could do that would make you come back more often?

* 4. What are two Blogs besides The Nerd's that you frequent consistently?

* 5. What kind of service or product do you provide? Or if you are just planning to get into something..What is it?

* 6. Name Two Business Idol and One Personal Developement Idol?

* 7. If you're not doing what you love already... what would be a Profession/Niche you'd love to start studying part time so your transition into it would go as silky smooth as possible?

* 8. What are 3 info products you wished you owned... that you'd like me to go out and buy and turn into a kick ass Note Taking Nerd Report for you?

* 9. What are the Top 2-3 Social Media Site you use? IE..Facebook, Twitter, Stumpleupon, etc..