This survey is part of a study of anti-transgender hate crimes being conducted by the Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts. A Report will be published in 2010. The Survey results will be used to develop more effective law enforcement and prevention strategies for combating anti-transgender hate crimes. Please complete the questionnaire if you were the transgender victim of an assault and battery and you perceived that bias related to gender identity or expression was a contributing factor.

In 2001, the Massachusetts Governor’s Task Force on Hate Crimes issued a regulation defining “gender identity bias” as a covered category of hate crime motivation for purposes of the Massachusetts Hate Crimes Reporting Act (which is broader than the comparable federal statute.) Under the Hate Crimes Reporting Act, law enforcement agencies are called upon to report hate crimes to the Crime Reporting Unit of the State Police. Eight years later, not a single case of anti-trans bias crime has been reported to the Massachusetts State Police. Information about anti-transgender hate crimes is severely lacking, which is hindering the development of effective public policy responses.

Thank you for your cooperation. You may request a copy of the Survey Report by sending an email to

1. Were you the victim of an assault and battery (i.e. apprehension of imminent harmful physical contact coupled with actual harmful physical contact) related to your gender identity or expression? Please complete this survey only if you answer yes.