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* 1. For the purposes of this survey, it is important we understand where you are and the congregation where you serve. Please tell us about yourself.

* 2. What lectionary does your congregation use?

* 3. If Concordia Publishing House offered materials to support the use of the Lutheran Service Book one year/historic lectionary, how likely is it that you would consider switching to the historic lectionary?

* 4. If Concordia Publishing House provided an every Sunday lectionary bible study, for the Lutheran Service Book, one year/historic lectionary, for $30 a quarter, would you buy it and use it?

* 5. If Concordia Publishing House offered an every Sunday bulletin service to support the historic/one year lectionary, would your congregation use it?

* 6. Would you use historic lectionary materials, if they used the English Standard Version translation of the Bible?

* 7. Please feel free to offer additional observations here.