Stakeholder Input Survey 

Since its launch in 2011, WoodSolutions has become a vital resource for Australia’s property developers, design and build professionals.

The program aims to increase the use of wood and wood products by providing information about their specification, use, financial and environmental advantages and inspiration through case studies and examples.

·         92% of specifiers are aware of WoodSolutions
· is the world’s leading timber website
·         during 2018-19 there were more than 110,000 downloads from the website
·         the website is complemented by a range of focussed ancillary activities
Your chance to guide the future direction
As an FWPA member you are invited to contribute to the future direction of the WoodSolutions program by completing the survey included in this document.
More information?
If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Eileen Newbury, WoodSolutions National Program Manager and FWPA’s National Marketing and Communications Manager, or 0419 313 163.
WoodSolutions is the primary channel through which FWPA communicates to develop, design and build professionals involved in the specification of building materials for construction and maintenance projects.

Since the launch of this program, research shows that more than half of Australia’s design and construction sector professionals are now aware that wood from a sustainably managed source has many environmental benefits because it is renewable, has lower embodied energy than competing materials and sequesters carbon in the built environment.

WoodSolutions is part of a dual communication strategy. The Ultimate Renewable™ addresses the broader consumer market, giving people the reasons WHY they should use wood and supports social license for the forest and wood products industry. WoodSolutions targets design and building professionals, providing information about HOW to use wood products.

A range of activities are conducted under the WoodSolutions banner, these include:

The website – (the world’s most visited wood-related site), which includes:
  • Species information
  • Technical Design Guides
  • Expert answers to user questions
  • Case studies
  • Presentations and podcasts
  • Media reviews
  • Performance data
  • Fixing and finishes
  • Fire rating information and reports
  • Standards and Codes information
  • Supplier listing
  • Event calendar
  • In house training and other CPD activities
  • Publically available software
WoodSolutions Technical Team
  • A national network of timber specialists who provide presentations and seminars on a wide range of topics designed for architects, engineers and specifiers
WoodSolutions Seminars
  • Events at which international and local speakers cover a broad range of topics. To deliver our information sessions we work closely with associations including the AIBS, AIA, AILA, HIA, MBA and EA
WoodSolutions Campus
  • A collaboration with the University of Tasmania and other professional bodies, e.g. the Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) that aims to provide free online timber education to industry participants, supply chain vendors tradespeople and design and construction specifiers.
WoodSolutions Education
  • A program designed to encourage the teaching of wood-related subjects by providing educational advice and materials to the tertiary sector, including TAFEs and universities.
WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program (MAP)
  • This year MAP was expanded to offer a national presence, following its successes during the pilot program years. In partnership with key industry sponsors, MAP engages and educates the construction industry on the benefits of timber. Comprising some of Australia’s leading technical specialists with experience in architecture, structural engineering and costing, the MAP team uses information based on up-to-date research findings to accelerate the adoption of timber in mid-rise construction.
WoodSolutions Sponsorships and Support
  • Carefully assessing the merits of each opportunity, WoodSolutions sponsors or supports a range of bodies and activities. These range from professional associations (e.g. architects, engineers, building designers) to activities and events (e.g. the Australian Timber Design Awards). The aim of this is twofold, to open a communication channel with members and attendees and to promote the WoodSolutions brand and resources.