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* 1. Which of the following best describes your role?

* 2. Please rank your clients’ investment objectives in order of importance.

* 3. What are your preferred investment vehicles when implementing your clients’ wishes?

* 4. What is your preferred listed investment vehicle?

* 5. Please fill out the current asset allocation being advised to your clients.

  0-15% 15-30% 30-45% 45-60% 60-75% 75-90% 90-100%
Australian Equities
Global Equities
Global Bonds
Unlisted Assets

* 6. How often do you change a client’s asset allocation?

* 7. What's the usual driver of this change?

* 8. How often do your clients make significant changes to their investments?

* 9. What are your market return expectations over the next 3 years?

* 10. What are the key barriers to making more frequent rebalancing decisions on behalf of your clients? 

* 11. How do you construct the defensive part of your portfolio?

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