Nominations are now being accepted for the InSOPHE Board of Directors! Joining the Board of Directors is an opportunity to make a greater impact on the health of Hoosiers and build your professional network. Complete the form below to be added to the voting slate. Interested candidates may nominate him/herself for the following positions:

One year term as President-Elect
Followed by one year term as President
Followed by one year term as Past-President

Plan and facilitate the InSOPHE Fall Conference
Presides at all meetings in absence of President
Attends events and meeting to cultivate collaboration and partnerships for future CHES/MCHES opportunities
Attends board meetings (held at least quarterly)

Chapter Delegate
Two-year term
Represents InSOPHE at the National Midyear/Annual Board and House meetings
Participates on and represents InSOPHE on National House and National Development Committee conference calls
Reports all national SOPHE business to the board of directors
Works with the President on Re-Designation for National SOPHE
Attends all board meetings (held at least quarterly)

Advocacy Director
2 year term
Chairs advocacy committee
Keeps group up to date on public health related policy

Two-year term
Note: The bank will run a credit score in order to place you in charge of the business account. All results will remain confidential between you and the financial institution.

Retain current members
Accepts all monies from dues and donations
Disburses approved expenditures
Submits annual fiscal status report
Submits appropriate reports to the Secretary of State's Office and the Indiana Department of Revenue
Attends board meetings (held at least quarterly)

Two-year term

Record and distribute meeting minutes
Carry out correspondence duties
Coordinate McKenzie Award
Attends quarterly board meetings
Distribute electronic communication to membership (at least monthly)

Student Representative
One-year term

Represents the voice of student members
Attends board meetings
Presents at least once per semester (fall & spring) to health education students at his/her own university. This could be an Eta Sigma Gamma meeting or in class with professor permission (or other).

Questions may be sent to:

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* 1. Candidate Contact Information

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* 2. Which position(s) are you interested in applying for? (You can select more than one)

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* 3. If you chose multiple positions in Q2, rank your choices from most interested to least interested.

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* 4. Please provide a brief biography and indicate how you would contribute to the InSOPHE Board of Directors through the position indicted above.

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