1. Pyridine Herbicide use on GRASS HAY and STRAW in Illinois

The purpose of this survey is estimate the tons of GRASS HAY and STRAW treated with pyridine herbicides in Illinois. The survey is supported by University of Illinois Extension, Illinois Forage and Grassland Council and the Great Lakes Regional Water Program.

It should only take a couple of minutes to complete. You will be asked to estimate the tons of HAY or STRAW sprayed with the herbicides listed and used on farm or sold to farms/ stables raising either horses, sheep/goats, beef or dairy in the past year.

When animals eat hay treated with pyridine herbicides, the herbicides remain active in the manure. Treated bedding straw picked up with manure also remains active. When the manure and straw are used in a compost system, the herbicide remains active in the fresh compost. This can cause problems for landscapers, etc. wanting to use composted manure for seeding mixtures. Composting is a viable option for adding value to manure, this survey will assist composters in delivering problem free compost to their clients.

For more information about herbicide carryover into compost:

If you have any questions about the survey or would like a paper copy to fill out contact , Ellen Phillips, Extension Educator, 708-352-0109, ephillps@illinois.edu.

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