1. Celebrate Leadership with FCCLA

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Since 1945, FCCLA has been "leading the way" by cultivating youth to become leaders within their families, careers, and communities across America through Family and Consumer Sciences education. 
In 2020, FCCLA will mark its 75th anniversary with a celebration of leadership. At this time, we look back with pride at our growth and achievement, and look ahead to the future - to the leaders of tomorrow.

To help celebrate its 75th anniversary, FCCLA is launching a Leadership Hall of Fame to recognize and honor former and current FCCLA/FHA HERO members who:
  • Have achieved success in their chosen professions
  • Contributed significantly to their communities
  • Helped FCCLA reach its goals
These FCCLA/FHA HERO members honored in FCCLA's Leadership Hall of Fame, have utilized the skills learned while members to become successful leaders within their family, careers, and communities within various industries.

Nominees will first be reviewed by your State's Selection Committee and if selected, nominees will advance to the National Selection Committee for consideration into the National Leadership Hall of Fame. Honorees will be recognized at the 2020 National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. 
An FCCLA Leadership Hall of Fame member is someone just like you - someone who cared, who became involved and who made a difference, by focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader. Leadership Hall of Fame members are positive role models. They inspire today's youth to reach high and realize their full potential.

In searching for candidates for the Leadership Hall of Fame, look for former FCCLA/FHA HERO members who have taken the lead with:
  • Families
    • Strengthened the family unit
    • Promoted awareness of multiple roles of men and women in today's society
    • Promoted communication and understanding between youth and adults
    • Balanced families and careers
  • Careers
    • Became successful leaders in business and industry, education, public service, professional development, arts and entertainment, athletics, and child care
    • Encouraged interest in Family and Consumer Sciences occupations
  • Community
    • Became involved in issues affecting families, communities, and global cooperation
    • Participated in community service and civic leadership

If you have additional questions, please contact:
Abigail Lee, Partnerships Manager, at (703) 476-4900 or alee@fcclainc.org

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