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* 9. Please check the box that best describes your opinion as a result of attending this training:

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I have learned more strategies to promote children's social-emotional development.
I have a deeper understanding of why it is important to be intentional about teaching social-emotional skills.
I can define emotional literacy and identify activities that build "feeling vocabularies."
I learned more about the importance of providing opportunities for children to begin to understand their own, as well as others', emotions.
I further understand why children need to learn to control anger and handle disappointment, and will be able to identify strategies to teach anger management skills.
I can identify strategies for supporting the development of friendship skills.
I have a deeper understanding of the importance of teaching problem solving and will be able to identify problem solving steps.
I feel I have built skills for supporting nurturing and responsive caregiving, providing targeted social-emotional skills, and supporting children with challenging behaviors.

* 10. Please check the box that best describes your opinion of the trainer(s) after this training session:

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Trainer(s) were knowledgeable about the content.
Trainer(s) were effective in their delivery of the content.
Please remember that this feedback is important to improve trainer practice.

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* 18. Can we (the Pyramid Model Leadership Team) contact you in the future to learn more about your experience? Note: Your personal information will NOT be disclosed to the trainer, but used to help improve the implementation of the Pyramid Model.

* 19. If you answered YES to Q#18, please provide the following:

* 20. Are you interested in in-home coaching on the Pyramid Model Family Child Care strategies you just learned about?

* 21. If you answered YES or NOT SURE to Q#20 or would like more information, please provide your name and email address to be contacted.  Please note: your personal information will not be disclosed to the trainer in regards to your earlier feedback, but will be used to connect you to Pyramid Model coaching opportunities.