Black professionals network market research

Professional Liverpool
We are Liverpool City Region’s professional community. We come together to learn, connect and grow so that we can contribute to a shared vision:
A thriving economic future for the Liverpool City Region. One with a more balanced contribution from different sectors and greater opportunities for people to stay and develop their careers.
As an organisation, we do that in three ways:
Membership - Our mission is to connect and inspire the community in ways that create value for them and our city region. We provide a number of events, content, shared best practices, introductions and support that bring professionals together and help them to achieve their goals as individuals and businesses.
Influence - It’s vitally important that we use our collective might to bring about positive change. We engage LCR Combined Authority, LEP/Growth Platform, and Local Authorities across LCR to identify ways we can contribute to their activities and give the professional community a voice.
Education - There is an important leadership and advocacy role to play to make sure that talent from the schools and higher education establishments is developed and retained within the LCR professional community. We want Liverpool and its surrounding areas to be a place where people see opportunities to develop successful careers.
We also recognise the importance of doing things the right way and have outlined three organisational priorities for the immediate future:
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Transparency & Teamwork
Fairness and Trust
It has long been acknowledged that there appears to be a dearth of Black professional visibility within the LCR Business landscape, particularly within professional services. In order to maximise visibility, accessibility to business opportunities and business development for Black professionals, there is a need for more targeted action. To that end, Professional Liverpool and the Race Equality Hub are working together to plug this gap.

Race Equality Hub
The Race Equality hub is relatively new, and we are currently developing a range of interventions to support the economic advancement of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities. Our resources will broadly be focussed on leadership, employability, business support and growth.
We also aim to:
• Increase the representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups in apprenticeship, graduate, and other training programmes.
• Remove barriers faced by Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups which currently prevent them from participating in and benefiting from our labour market, education and training systems, and business ecosystem.
• Identify and share best practice to reduce health, wealth, and education inequalities for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic groups across Liverpool City Region.
The aim of the Hub is to educate and support employers, partners, and stakeholders to become more inclusive. To drive this change forward, create inclusive organisations with a commitment to growing the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic eco system for businesses to grow and thrive.
Professional Services Examples
Media & Entertainment
Advertising & Marketing
Public Relations
Creative & Digital
Legal Services
Survey Poll
The responses to the survey are anonymous. However, with your consent, we ask for names and contact details if you would like to attend the roundtable event.
1.Are you involved in any networks in relation to your professional life? If yes, please name them.(Required.)
2.What do you think the benefits of being involved in a Black Professionals network might be?
(Benefits could include: access to new opportunities; expansion of knowledge; building credibility; establishment of a supportive community of colleagues and mentors; strengthen your network business connections; raise your profile and grow your brand; build confidence; gain different perspectives; amplify your voice; representation; personal development; community building; exchange of advice, information, professional references and career advancement opportunities. This list is not exhaustive. Please add in any other benefits you feel might be available).
3.What do you think are the barriers for you as a Black Professional accessing networks? (For example: lack of knowledge of the network; space is not welcoming; racism & bias)
4.Would you be interested in being part of a Black Professional Network?
5.If Yes, what would you like to get out of it?
6.If No, why not?
7.Are you interested in attending a round table event on Thursday 18th April, 11am – 1pm, Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, 4 Princes Rd, Liverpool L8 1TH to discuss the issues further?
8.Would you be interested in joining the Race Equality Hub Talent Pool? (The Talent Poll will be a database of potential job candidates who have previously expressed interest, in some form, of joining organisations the Race Equality Hub is working with. The pool will contain information about each candidate, including their skills, potential roles they could fill and how well they fit within the organisational culture. Working in this way, will mean not having to start the recruiting process from scratch for each opportunity.)