* 1. Which Aromahaler products did you purchase?

* 2. How important is price when choosing this type of product?

* 3. How important is convenience when choosing this type of product?

* 4. If Aromahaler Nasal SoftStrips were available for other health issues, which are you likely to try (answer all that apply)

* 5. Aromahaler Nasal SoftStrips is a naturopathic product that contains only pure, all-natural botanical extracts. How important is this to you in making your purchase?

* 6. What do you like most about Aromahaler Nasal SoftStrips? Would you like to see anything changed?

* 7. How important is it that Aromahaler Nasal SoftStrips needs to be worn for only 2-5 minutes to begin working but is effective for up to 4 hours?

* 8. How important is it that the product is FDA approved for anyone over the age of 12?

* 9. Please rate your experience using Aromahaler for each of the following:

  Effectiveness Easy to Understand Easy to Use East to Remove
Not at all