1. Welcome to Project E-RACE!

Did you know 70-80% of one's overall well-being is impacted by the social determinants of health (SDOH)? (Researchers knew!) And..Community-based programs, services, and ministries significantly impact one or more SDOH!

Project E-RACE seeks to empower community partners to create healthier outcomes in those they serve by engaging in or leading research projects.

The 15-question surveys for community partners and researchers will guide the formation of a diverse group of stakeholders working together for positive change in the overall health of those we serve. Questions are aimed to learn more about community organizations, populations served, the current impact on SDOH, and its readiness to best utilize research to further the mission and improve health outcomes. Questions addressed to researchers aim to learn more about research interests, community-engagement experience and willingness to teach, share, and learn.

Survey feedback will be analyzed, shared and discussed as we launch the community-led, learning collaborative for all stakeholders. The data will also aid the development of trainings and facilitate how researchers and community partners may be paired to bear a greater impact on communities through research.

Thank you for your participation.