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Thank you for volunteering to participate in this study.

This study is looking at how various predictors e.g. drinking behaviours, drinking motives, drinking expectancies and personality type can effect an individual’s depiction of alcohol consumption online via the social networking site Facebook. The first questionnaire will collect information on your behaviours on your Facebook account. The second questionnaire will collect information on your drinking behaviours using a time-line follow back. The 3rd and 4th questionnaires will collect information on your own drinking motives and expectancies. The final 2 questionnaires will collect information relating to your own personality traits.

The content of these questionnaires are not designed to cause upset or harm to anyone participating but if you do feel affected by anything within this study there will be a link to the student counselling services at the end of this study. By completeing these questionnaires you may also learn about your own drinkinh behaviour. If you have any problem with how this study is being carried out then please do not hesitate to contact the researcher in charge of the experiment at

Participation is voluntary and if you do not wish to participate please do not proceed any further. You are also free to stop participating at any time during the study without giving a reason to the experimenter. Any data collected will be stored anonymously.

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* 1. Please enter a memorable word or phrase below to indicate that you understand the information above and consent to participate in the study. If you decide that you do not wish for your information to be used in this study then email the address above with your memorable word and your data will be excluded from analysis. Please try to use a combination of letters and numbers, or a multi-word phrase, to ensure your memorable word or phrase is unique. If you do not enter a unique word or phrase you will not have the option of withdrawing your data at a future fate. You will have the right to withdraw your data up to the point at which it is submitted for publication by the researchers.

Thanks again for agreeing to participate!