Please read the Report or Executive Summary before providing comments through this survey. These and other materials are available on this Web page:http://www.landtrustalliance.org/about-us/programs/conservation-defense/insurance

Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide feedback on the proposed Conservation Defense Insurance program to help us determine its feasibility.

Leslie Ratley-Beach
Conservation Defense Director
Land Trust Alliance
44 Deerfield Drive
Montpelier, VT 05602
802-262-6051 phone and fax

* 1. Where have you received information about the Alliance's efforts to determine the feasibility of a Conservation Defense Insurance program (check all that apply)?

* 2. Please tell us a little about your land trust:

* 3. Please tell us how many:

* 4. Please estimate the age of your CEs by numbers originated per decade:

* 5. Please estimate the age of your fee land parcels by numbers originated per decade:

* 6. Would your land trust be interested in insuring conservation easements against litigation?

* 7. Would your land trust be interested in insuring its fee land parcels against litigation?

* 8. What is an approximate insurance premium threshold at which your land trust would consider participating in a conservation defense insurance program (select one)?

* 9. What issues do you see as posing risks to your ability to enforce your conservation easements? [Please rate each one from 1 (Most Important) to 5 (Least Important)]

  1 - Most Important 2 3 4 5 - Least Important
Age (what year was the CE signed)
Before conservation value (land worth a lot more without CE)
Development pressure
Land use - what is the natural resource type and level of human interaction (e.g., farm, timberland, natural area, public recreation, historic, scenic)
Number of successor owners
Public access

* 10. What resources or practices do you rely on to control or minimize those risks? [Please rate each one from 1 (Most Important) to 5 (Least Important)]

  1 - Most Important 2 3 4 5 - Least Important
Access to state attorney general for CE defense
Attorney review of all transactions
CE management plan requirement
Co-held CEs
Complete and accurate baseline documentation report for each conservation easement
Land trust annual monitoring
Use of CE template

* 11. What criteria would you use as minimum qualifications for land trust participation in such a program if the Alliance creates it [Please rate each one from 1 (Most Important) to 5 (Least Important)]?

  1 - Most Important 2 3 4 5 - Least Important
Alliance membership
Annual income-expense statement where income at least equals expenses
Documentation for every conservation easement
General liability insurance coverage
Has adopted and is committed to the Land Trust Standards and Practices (S&P) that are published by the Land Trust Alliance (Quasigovernmental land trusts would use the interpretation document for S&P. Board resolutions are updated with every change in S&P)
Has been in operation for at least two years and continues to be so
Has dedicated funds available for CE defense
Has preservation and protection of conservation values as a primary organizational purpose
Holds at least one conservation easement or owns at least one parcel of land in fee
In good standing in all states where the land trust holds easements or fee-owned land where insurance is sought
Maintains its tax exempt status with the IRS and is in good standing with the IRS (A comparable standard for quasigovernmental land trusts will be applied)
Regular stewardship monitoring
Sufficient record keeping
Uses a standard template CE

* 12. Do you have any overall questions or comments about the feasibility of conservation defense insurance?

* 13. If you would you like more information on the conservation defense insurance feasibility initiative, please provide us with your name and information for preferred mode of contact: