Project Update

The North Laughery Watershed project is entering its sixth month of operation and although we have been restrained from having any public meetings for the last 3 months the project continues on.

We are currently working with IDEM who is developing a TMDL (total maximum daily load) report that will summarize information they found while doing testing in Laughery Creek over the past 18 months.  We will use that report along with other available local information to develop a WMP (watershed management plan). This plan will be a guide in the implementation of BMPs (best management practices) by landowners within the watershed. As part of this plan there will be cost share funding available to implement approved conservation practices that improve water quality within the watershed, this will likely begin in late 2021.

We would like to include, as part of the WMP, a section giving people the chance to comment on concerns they have with environmental issues within the North Laughery Watershed.  To do this we are asking that you take a few minutes and complete the electronic survey which follows.

Thank You.

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