Implied Consent

June 9, 2013

You are invited to participate in this work environment study conducted by David Ashley in cooperation with Colorado Technical University. The purpose is to gain more insight into how productivity is perceived in relation to the length of lunch (meal) breaks in the course of a work day. All participants in this survey are selected randomly from among those who are or are associated with Facebook users.

Each participant must be employed to work at least 30 hours per week at the time of taking the survey.

If you decide to participate, please complete the survey that follows. Your voluntary participation in this survey is implied consent.

It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

No direct benefits accrue to you for answering the survey, but your responses will be used as part of a finding that may influence corporate decision makers by providing more definitive and evidence-based information that affects decisions regarding productivity levels and managing human resources.

Every effort will be made to ensure all participants remain anonymous. Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be identified with any individual will remain confidential and will not be disclosed.

Your decision whether or not to participate will not prejudice your future relationships with David Ashley or Colorado Technical University. If you decide to participate, you are free to discontinue participation at any time without prejudice.

If you have any questions, please ask. If you have additional questions later, contact David Ashley at

Thank you for your time.