* 1. Address

* 2. Some committees require attendance to all Board of Directors Meetings and various other called meetings.

I am available for face to face meetings on a quarterly basis.

* 3. Committees may meet on monthly, or  quarterly basis.

I am available to participate in online meetings/webinars throughout the year.

* 4. Some committees require attendance at the annual conference.

I will attend the 2017 NCSRT, Inc. Annual Conference.

* 5. Please list any special skills or talents that you have that may be beneficial to a committee.  (examples include, editing skills, communication/speaking skills, solicitation or marketing skills, lobbying or legislative, developing educational programs. etc.)

* 6. Below is a list of the current NCSRT, Inc. Committees.  Please list the committee that you wish to serve.

Ambassador Committee

Instructors Committee

Student Affairs Committee

Radiology Managers’ Committee

Honors Committee

Awards Committee

Nomination Committee

Legislative Committee

Resolution & Bylaws Committee

Social Media Committee

Annual Conference Committee

•             Scientific Poster Exhibit

•             Jane Cox Scholarship Committee

•             Scientific/Technical Papers

•             Chief Sergeant-at-Arms

•             Technical Bowl