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* 1. First and Last Name

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* 3. Name(s) and grades of children you have enrolled in school

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* 4. Scenario #1 is a Low Risk Situation. 

In this scenario, there are very few if any documented cases in your community, and no documented cases of infected persons in the school building. In this scenario, all CDC and State recommended safety plans are in place, and classes run as usual. (Please note the Low risk does not mean NO risk).

In this scenario, would you plan on sending your children to your school?

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* 5. Scenario #2 is a Medium Risk Situation

In a "medium" risk scenario there may be multiple documented COVID cases in the community. 

In this scenario there may be brief or intermittent school closures while contact tracing takes place. The school may need to be sanitized.  During these short closures, students would continue their courses online, and there will be enhanced safety protocols in-place when school opened, using CDC, AAP, and STATE mandated safety plans.  

Knowing that children and teens are the lowest risk group in terms of contracting and transmission of COVID, and that heightened safety steps would be in place, would you plan on sending your children back to your school when it was ready to reopen?

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* 6. Scenario #3 is a High Risk Scenario

In a high risk scenario there may be a higher number of documented cases in the community OR several or continued documented cases of infected people who were in the school building. 

In this scenario school may be closed for longer periods of time. During closure students would continue their courses online. Students will be assigned their own Chromebook to do school work on in and out of school.

In a high risk scenario would you be able to provide internet access at home for your children to take their classes online?

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* 7. Do you have any concerns we need to be aware about with regard to school starting in the fall?

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