This questionnaire is for an individual or individuals who represent a group. A group is a community, an organization, a team of volunteers running a program, a school, or a sport, culture or recreation club. The questions will ask you to think about the service, program, workshop, consultation or help that your group has received from the Northern Sport, Culture and Recreation District (NSCRD). There are no right or wrong answers, please just fill out the questions based on what you know.

* 1. What difficulties with sport, culture and/ or recreation was your program (Group/Community) able to overcome? (e.g.difficulties might be lack of money to run programs, unsure how to fill out a grant, unsure who can help)

* 2. Please tell us how the NSCRD helped your group to start, run and/or grow your program(s)?


In this section a leader could be a volunteer coach, board member, artist, recreation practitioner, playground leader etc…

How did the NSCRD help you or your group to grow and support leaders? (e.g. leadership program, training, communication of opportunities.)

* 4. How did the NSCRD Leadership training help you to become a better leader? (How have District programs increased your knowledge and/or abilities?)


In this section a volunteer refers to someone who is not paid and who helps out with a program or group but is not the leader. Examples of volunteers include; fundraising helpers, the Zamboni driver at a rink, chaperones, people who help set up and tear down at events, registration desk helpers etc…

Please tell us how the NSCRD was able to help you to find, support and bring volunteers into sport, culture or recreation? (e.g. resources, training)


Please check off the box that best shows how much you agree with the below statements:
For all questions asking you to check boxes from 1 to 5 please use the following scale: (5)= Strongly Agree; (4)=Agree; (3)= Neither Agree nor Disagree; (2)= Disagree; (1)= Strongly Disagree; (N/A)= Unable to Judge.

The NSCRD does a good job making their services and programs known to groups.

* 7. The services, programs and help offered by the NSCRD are useful to our group.


Please check off the box that best shows how much you agree with the below statements:

 There is good communication between our group and the NSCRD.

* 9. Our relationship with the NSCRD is helpful for our group and we enjoy working with the NSCRD.

* 10. Please provide your contact information to receive one of two $25.00 gift cards. Draw will be made April 2, 2018 9:00 a.m. and announced on Facebook. Gift cards will be posted in the mail. Thank you for your participation.