Welcome to FIS’ Treasury Management survey for the APAC region.  The views shared in the survey will provide invaluable insight into the present and future priorities of corporates and utilizing your input, we will be publishing a research report.

Completing the survey will take approximately 10 minutes. As a sign of our gratitude, all survey participants who fill out the contact information question at the end will receive an exclusive, free copy of the Market Study which will contain the survey results when it is published. On behalf of FIS thank you for participating.

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Please be assured that confidentiality of your information and of your responses are of paramount importance to FIS. The names of respondents and the individual views expressed in the survey will at no time be disclosed.

Question Title

* 1. Which treasury and payments technology developments will be most important in 2019 and beyond (Rate scale 1 – 4, 1 being the most important, 4 being the least important)?

  1 - Most Important 2 - Important 3 - Somewhat Important 4 - Least Important
Cloud & Software-as-a-Service adoption
Real-time payments & API technology
Artificial intelligence / advanced cyber security protection for treasury transactions and company assets
Artificial intelligence / predictive analytics in areas such as cash forecasting and risk management
Blockchain solution offerings
Mobile payments (Apple Pay, Zelle...)
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Question Title

* 2. What primary tool does your company use to manage key functions?

  Manual / Spreadsheets Treasury Management Solution ERP Online Bank Portal Payment Factory / Hub
Cash Management
Risk Management
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Question Title

* 3. Which areas of treasury offer your greatest opportunity for improvement (Rate scale 1 being the greatest opportunity, 4 being the least opportunity)?

  1 - Most opportunity for improvement 2- Am opportunity for improvement 3 - Somewhat of an Opportunity for improvement 4 - Least opportunity for improvement
Cash and liquidity management
Risk management
Payments and bank connectivity
Treasury technology
Regulatory navigation
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Question Title

* 4. Please rate the main criteria for implementing a new treasury management solution (Rate scale 1 being the most important, 4 being the least important).

  1 - Most Important 2 3 4 - Least Important
Bank reconciliation
Cash positioning
Intercompany processing – Netting, Cash Pooling, Intercompany Lending
Audit and Control
Transaction processing (Debt, Invest, Derivatives, etc.)
Integration & Interfacing
Treasury and commercial payments
Bank connectivity
Bank account management
Risk Management –liquidity risk
Risk Management – counterparty risk
Risk Management – market (FX & interest Rate) risk
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