For our meetup on November 8, 2012 we'd like to showcase a number of projects that our members have done recently in PHP. If you're interested in presenting something, please fill out the following questions so we can schedule our lineup.

* 1. What would you like to present on?

* 2. What about the project do you think will be interesting to the audience? What about it is unique, challenging, unusual, impressive etc?

* 3. Provide some background on the project -- is it a hobby, a website for your business, a project for a client, etc?

* 4. How would you like to present? Slides, live walkthrough of code, shadow puppets?

* 5. Have you presented this project before?

* 6. Please enter your name

* 7. Please enter your email address

Thanks for your interest! We'll be scheduling our presenters soon and will get back to you shortly.