* What spaces do you typically use in the Lewis Building, and, on average, how often do you use them? 

  Everyday 1-2 days per week 3-4 days per week More than 4 days per week Never
Sunday School rooms
Fellowship Hall
Preschool Suite
I have never attended any function in the Lewis Building. 

* On average, at what time(s) of day and how often do you use the Lewis Building?

  Everyday 1-2 days per week 3-4 days per week More than 4 days per week Never
Periodic/Special Uses
Does not apply to me

* Based on your experience, do you feel the ground floor of the Lewis Building is:

* On average, how many hours per week do you use the classroom and Sunday school spaces on the 2nd & 3rd floors of the Lewis Building?

* Based on your experience, would you describe the classrooms as:

* As a whole, do you feel the spaces in the Lewis Building are:

* Do you feel the existing classrooms are on the appropriate floor?

* If you answered 'no' above, to what floors do you feel the classrooms should be relocated?

* As a whole, do you feel the Lewis Building provides enough space to accomplish the mission of FBC?

* Please list any spaces (by room name or number) you feel are currently undertilized:

* Please feel free to share any additional thoughts about the:

* When thinking about the Lewis Building, please note whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree I have no opinion about this statement.
Rooms are spacious and functional.
Circulation and flow works well.
Facilities are adequate for their intended use.
Look and feel is appropriate.
Finishes and furniture is in need of replacement.
Some spaces should be consolidated.
There is too much vacant space during the week.
The building lacks some of the facilities needed to accomplish FBC's mission.

* If you feel the church would benefit from particular facilities that are currently not available, please list what those may be in order of importance from high to low priority. 

* What existing ministries would you like to see expanded?

* Considering your answer to the question above, do you feel that adequate space exists to expand these ministries?

* Are you open to the idea of partnering with another organization to lease space in the Lewis Building in order to generate revenue to help maintain the facility?

* If you answered yes to the previous question, please select all of the uses that may be appropriate in the Lewis Building.

* When I visit the church, parking is generally available: 

* I generally park in the:

* If parking is a concern, how would you rank the importance of building a parking structure on the existing rear parking lot?

* Please provide your age range.

* How long have you attended First Baptist Church?