The Board of Directors of South Park Ambulance District are soliciting input from the community to determine if there is support for a Mill Levy increase. The proposed increase would not only allow the District to continue to maintain current services and provide additional expanded services. This survey is one part of a year-long process to receive community input. Following a review of all data gathered a specific proposed increase will be finalized and presented to the community. An election will be held May 8, 2018 if the determination is made to seek a Mill Levy increase
  • Please see the accompanying General Information sheet in the email you received for specific details on current services, revenues and proposed improvements.
  • General demographic questions are asked but the person answering remains anonymous.
  • Estimated time to complete the survey is 4 minutes.
For additional comments or questions please send email to:

* 1. Are you a full-time or part-time resident?

* 2. Which zip code do you live in?

* 3. How long have you been a part of the South Park community?

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. Do you know anyone that has received treatment from South Park Ambulance?

* 6. In 2017 there were 124 instances when overlapping emergencies depleted available resources. Would you support increased funding to provide additional staffing to increase response capabilities?

* 7. Currently , all ambulances are based in Fairplay. Would you support additional funding to provide for the stationing of ambulances and staff in the Hartsel & Jefferson-Como areas of the District in order to decrease emergency response times?

* 8. The proposed Community Paramedic program will utilize specially trained Paramedics to provide limited home based primary care services in collaboration with your doctors and the medical staff of the proposed Fairplay clinic. Such services could include post-hospitalization followup and monitoring. Would you support additional funding to provide this service?

* 9. Do you believe that the current  Mill Levy, established in 1991, is adequate for community needs for 2019 and beyond?

* 10. If there is no increase in the Mill Levy do you believe the community would accept reductions in current services and staffing necessary to meet expected future budget constraints ?