The Old Millbrook School EarlyON Child and Family Centre Program Check In With Families

1.What time of day do you prefer attending programs with your children?
2.How often do you attend our programs?
3.What days of the week are you able to attend programs?
4.Please share the ages of any children who may attend with you.
5.What is/are the programs you enjoy attending?
6.Please share with us any program ideas you have that we might be able to add in the future.
7.Could you please share any barriers that make it difficult for you to attend.
8.What are you and your child's favourite aspects of the programs we offer?
9.What are some things you wish would change about the programs we offer?
10.What other suggestions would you like to offer us as we plan ahead for programs to offer families?  You can also email us more ideas at
Current Progress,
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