1. For All My Relations 2012

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The National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) will not conduct a For All My Relations Conference in 2011.

We are taking a year off to dedicate to the planning and fund-raising for the next For All My Relations (FAMR) Conference which is now scheduled for 2012.

In 2010, the For All My Relations Conference grew beyond our expectations. As a result, we experienced great successes and new concerns about maintaining a positive learning environment for all participants.

We are very proud of the For All My Relations Conference and we hope that you will assist us in planning for the 2012 event by sharing with us your favorite workshops as well as activities that you would like to see incorporated in the 2012 event.

* 1. Please provide us with your contact information (optional):

* 2. Have you been a participant at previous For All My Relations Conference(s)?

* 3. Did you attend as a Youth and/or Adult Participant?

* 4. What site do you prefer for For All My Relations 2012?

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Anaheim/Garden Grove, CA (near Disneyland Resort)
Los Angeles, CA (near Universal Studios)
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA

* 5. Which workshops and activities would you like to see at For All My Relations 2012?

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A Technique for Drafting Personal Statements for College
California Indian Basketry
College Fair
Consultation and Advocacy towards Museums
Driving Under the Influence: Court for Teens
Duties of Tribal Government & Citizens
Escape from Alcatraz, Escape to Alcatraz
Evaluating What Works in Tribal Communities
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness and Education
Football Indian Style
Hip Hop Dance by Kids for Kids
History of California Indian Byways - A Component for Tribal Transportation Planning and Outreach
ICWA as Best Practice
Identity Theft Awareness
Introduction to GIS Mapping
Ishi - 100th Anniversary of Ishi’s Arrival to San Francisco
Kicking It into Gear: Walking and Running for your Health
Legal Guardianship
Lend a Helping Hand: Service Learning and Volunteer Programs for Tribal Youth
Mental Health First Aid
Mock Trial for Youth
Navajo Chocolate Magic
Necklace Making
Preparing Students to Achieve and Lead
Protecting Sacred Places
Real Causes of Diabetes in Indian Country
Rez Violence
Stories as a Path to the Past and Present
Street Smart Law for Youth
The Impact of Long Term Stress on the Developing Brain
Tribal Law and Order Bill - How it will Impact Existing Tribal Systems & Indian Families
Tribal Tourism Development
Using Social Media for Service Learning Programs
Using Traditional Plants in a Modern Way
Wills & Probate
Your Story, Your Way: Film Technique & Digital Technologies

* 6. NIJC provides certificates of achievement for participants who attend a required number of workshops. Should NIJC keep or eliminate the certificate of achievement process?

* 7. What do you like about the For All My Relations Conference?

* 8. What would you change about the For All My Relations Conference?