Every caregiver and family member who has used FAME’s services in the past year is   required to fill out an evaluation survey. FAME’s ability to provide free services to families depends on the evaluations we receive from our clients. Our funding partners require us to produce these evaluations for the purposes of program planning, resource allocation and accountability. Your cooperation and feedback is much appreciated.

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Which FAME services have you used (check all that apply)?

What results have you experienced after receiving services from FAME?

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I have become more comfortable talking about my family situation.
I have gained helpful strategies and coping skills. 
I am better able to respond to a mental health crisis. 
I have gained knowledge about my family member's mental illness. 
I am better informed about mental health services in my area. 
I am more accepting of my family member's mental illness. 
I am better able to take care of myself.
I feel hopeful moving forward. 

How satisfied are you overall with the support you have received from FAME?

How did you first hear about FAME?

How can FAME improve its services?

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