Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our programs and services.

We use the information from these surveys to adapt our resources to the needs of our clients. We also rely on anonymized data from these surveys to support our funding efforts. By taking the time to complete the survey you are helping to shape our service model and ensure our future.

* 1. Please indicate your postal code: 

* 3. Where do you use FAME's services (check all that apply)? 

* 4. Which FAME services have you used (check all that apply)?

* 5. Rank what you think FAME's priorities should be with regards to its programs and services (optional). 

* 6. How did you first hear about FAME?

* 7. How can FAME improve its services? (optional)

* 8. The following questions give you an opportunity to evaluate the effect that FAME's services have had on your experiences as a caregiver. Consider how FAME has contributed to a change (or not) in your experiences, skills, knowledge and abilities. 

0 = no effect whatsoever (or negative effect)
1 = minimal effect
2 = minimal effect
3 = minimal effect
4 = moderate effect
5 = moderate effect
6 = moderate effect
7 = strong effect
8 = strong effect
9 = very strong effect
10 = very strong effect

You are welcome to provide feedback in the comment box below (optional).

* 9. How satisfied are you overall with the support you have received from FAME?

* 10. To what degree have you become more comfortable talking about your family situation (as a result of using FAME's services)?

* 11. To what degree has your ability to respond to a mental health crisis improved (as a result of using FAME's services)?

* 12. To what degree have you gained knowledge of your loved one's mental illness (as a result of using FAME's services)?

* 13. To what degree have you gained helpful strategies and coping skills (as a result of using FAME's services)?

* 14. To what degree are you more accepting of your loved one's mental illness (as a result of using FAME's services)?

* 15. To what degree are you better informed about the mental health services in your area (as a result of using FAME's services)?

* 16. To what degree are you better able to take care of yourself (as a result of FAME's services)?

* 17. Please rate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
FAME makes it easier for families to navigate the health care system and to access appropriate services.
FAME contributes to improving a family’s overall experience with the health care system.
FAME plays an important role in the prevention of family crisis with regards to mental illness.
FAME provided me with information that improved my overall knowledge about mental health.

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