The Florida Asthma Coalition is a statewide, voluntary partnership of organizations and individuals who are committed to improving the prevention and control of asthma in Florida through community and state level actions. Membership is free and anyone can join.

Types of Membership:
There are two types of membership in the coalition: Active and Associate(passive).
1. Active Members agree to actively participate in the general coalition and at least one workgroup. Active members are eligible to vote and to hold a chair position in the coalition and workgroups.
2. Associate Members have the opportunity to participate in general coalition meetings and or workgroup meetings as their schedule permits; however, they are not eligible to vote or hold a chair position.

The Articles of Operation and Conflict of Interest Policy:
Please review these items provided on the following webpage:

What Does the Coalition Do?
The job of the Coalition is to teach community partners how to institute effective asthma prevention and control systems, and how to find and leverage resources that support these systems. All members agree to promote asthma prevention, education, and care in their communities, whether they define their communities as a neighborhood, county, region, statewide network, or otherwise. Members focus on a range of issues, such as: professional and community education, data collection and evaluation, and building community partnerships.

Networking Opportunities:
The Coalition’s annual leadership and planning meeting is a forum where current topics affecting asthma prevention and control are discussed. Forum participants receive important information; strengthen their existing networks; and make valuable contacts with local, state, and federal experts in asthma prevention and control. Additionally, access to the member directory will improve networking and communication among members.

How to Join:
If you would like to join the Florida Asthma Coalition, please click next. Respond to the quesitons on the following pages and initial where indicated.

Thank you for your contributions to asthma prevention and control in Florida!