Faculty Research Rooms Policy
(Rooms 313, 314, 315, 324, 325, 326)

Rooms are assigned for one semester with a possible renewal for one additional semester. Once a faculty member has had the Room for one year, they must sit out a year to allow others to use the space (if room demands require). Renewal requests must be sent to the Library Director prior to the deadlines listed above.

The following priorities are considered when the Library Director assigns Faculty Research Rooms in the Library:

1. Holders of the Chair for Catholic Thought who are conducting library research

2. Faculty who are on sabbatical and are conducting library research

3. Faculty who are using the library to conduct research needed to publish books or dissertations.

We cannot consider office space needs as a factor when assigning rooms. We may also assign two people to each of the rooms.

Occupants of the Research Rooms are asked to notify the Library Director if they no longer need the room before the semester ends. This allows others on a possible waiting list access to a space.

All library materials kept in the Research Rooms must be checked out from the library. A member of the library staff may monitor each Research Room to verify adherence to that check out policy.

Please do not leave valuables or personal belongings that may be stolen or damaged.

No one other than the assigned faculty member may use the room unless approved by the Library Director.