* 1. Do you live, work or socialise in South Norwood?

* 2. What attracted you to move to South Norwood?

* 3. Do you do any of the following activities in South Norwood or elsewhere?

  South Norwood Elsewhere
Live music
Use the leisure centre
Socialise with friends
Shop for clothes, household items, grocery/food etc
Visit the market
Arts and crafts
Participate in sports
Attend community groups/ interest groups / church groups
Visit parks / lakes or the open spaces, drive to the country park
Watch sport, use services at the Arena, a member of an outdoor sports group

* 4. We are planning to set up some additional Community run facilities. How could the empty premises on the High Street/Portland Road be utilised to improve/transform the community/neighbourhood? Please state your opinion.

* 5. If a community run facility were to open in South Norwood, what would attract you to visit this space? And how frequently would you visit? Tick as many as you wish:

  Daily Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Occasionally
Live music
Coffee shop/ bar
New business
Day care centre/youth centre
Recreational activities (yoga, etc..)
Arts and Crafts space
Life skills, Volunteering

* 6. Do you think that the services listed above are adequately provided for in South Norwood?

* 7. What sort of shops would you like to see opened on Portland Road/High Street?

* 8. What other services/facilities would you like to be provided in Portland Road/High Street?

* 9. Do you have a business you would like to set up?

* 10. What would encourage you to support local businesses in SN?

* 11. Which below best describes you?(please select one option)

* 12. Thank you for taking part in this survey. If you would like to know more about what’s going on in SN please leave an email address to contact you.