Building Performance: An Operations and Efficiency Survey

The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the US Green Building Council and the Building Owners and Managers Association are conducting a survey of local property owners to identify energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives being employed on the west coast of Florida. There are many ways to save energy and reduce the environmental impact in our building stock. Florida’s unique geography, climate and market economics influence the viability of some energy savings techniques. In this brief survey, we will be collecting data on the current status of energy reduction projects in our area along with baseline building performance data for benchmarking purposes. Once the data is collected and analyzed, it will be shared with you and the participating organizations in this study. In so doing, we hope to identify a local, best practices guide that can give local building owners a roadmap to a more sustainable built environment.

This survey is brief and should only require 15-20 minutes to complete. Most, if not all, of the information being provided will be readily available to you or your building management team. We appreciate your willingness to participate in this effort.