* 1. Do you think that the Endangered Species Act needs to be reformed?

* 2. Have any species (plant or animal) listed under the ESA ever been formally documented on your or your family's property by the Fish and Wildlife Service?

* 3. Have you ever been restricted from harvesting timber due to the ESA?

* 4. Have you ever sought guidance from the Fish and Wildlife Service for an endangered or threatened species habitat believed to be on your property?

* 5. Have you or your family ever had to manage for species listed under the ESA?

* 6. Has the Endangered Species Act ever had a negative impact on you or your family?

* 7. Is there anything we missed that you would like to add on Private Landowners and the Endangered Species Act?

* 8. Would you like your experience shared in the Landowner to Landowner section of Forest Landowner Magazine?