Study Information (Please answer eligibility questions and provide contact information on the following page):

Dear Parents,

Nutrition students from the University of Texas are studying food shopping habits of families with young children and would like to invite you to participate in the study and earn a $15 gift card.

Eligibility: 1) Have a child between the ages of 3-6; 2) willing to complete one observed grocery store shopping trip in which you bring your child (one parent and one child); 3) willing to complete/return a survey (takes 10-15 minutes to complete); 4) interact in English during grocery shopping trips; 5) grocery shop in the Austin, TX area.

What you will be asked to do:
1.Complete one observed shopping trip at your usual grocery store. We ask that only one parent and one child aged 3-6 attend the shopping trip. The trip should be a medium to large shopping trip, meaning it lasts at least 20 minutes.

When responding, please indicate your usual grocery store and a time/date in which you can complete your observation (we will work around your schedule). A student will meet you and your child in front of the store before you begin your shopping trip. The student will record foods the child asks for and how the child asks. The child will also wear a hat with a small camera attached. The camera faces in the direction the child is looking, so it will not capture pictures of the child’s face, only food products the child looks at. We will provide hats, but it may be helpful to bring a favorite hat if the child has one (Velcro Baseball style with hats work best).

2.Complete a survey that asks questions about shopping habits, feeding practices, TV viewing, food environment, and demographics. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. We will provide you with a pre-stamped envelope to make returning the survey easier.

•Help advance knowledge of child food preferences and shopping habits of families with young children.
•The parent will be given a $15 gift card as appreciation for time taken to provide data for the study.
•The child will be given stickers for helping with the observation portion of the study.

Estimated time to participate:
•1 hour: 30-45 minutes for the grocery store observation and 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you so much for considering this study! Your participation will be very helpful and appreciated!

Eric Calloway
Nutrition Graduate Student
Mail: Dr. Margaret Briley
Department of Nutritional Sciences
One University Station A2700
Gearing Hall 110
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
Please answer eligibility questions and provide contact information on the following page.