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Thank you for your interest in proposing a trip for the 2012 Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program. Trips will take place approximately March 23-31, 2013. If you are passionate about a cause or a location, or merely interested in giving back to a community (near or far), use this form to propose a trip.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ed Kovacs, Director of Campus Activities, at eck35@drexel.edu. Proposals are due by ASAP.

* 1. Demographic information:

* 2. Your past ASB experience (if any):

* 3. Proposed trip (basic information):

* 4. What will be the topic/focus of the trip (check all that apply)?

* 5. Referring to Question 4, please explain your selection(s):

* 6. Proposed trip (financial information):

* 7. What is/are the reason(s) for choosing this proposed location?

* 8. What do you expect participants to learn and experience while on this trip?

* 9. Should the trip be approved, are you expecting to serve as trip leader? If so, why?

* 10. Feel free to share additional information which may support this proposal:

* 11. What days and times are you available to meet with OCA staff to discuss this proposed trip?

* 12. Agreement