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The Board of Directors wants your input! Since this is a rebuilding year for Marin CAMFT, the Board wants your honest assessment about how we are doing as an organization and how we can best serve you and the community. Your responses will be invaluable in deciding how to tailor our programs and activities and will help guide the chapter's choices about where to apply our resources.

The following survey takes an estimated 5-7 minutes to complete. Your answers are confidential.

Thank you for your participation!

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* 1. How much interest would you have in participating in the following Marin CAMFT activities for members to socialize and network:

  Strong Interest Some Interest Neutral Little Interest No Interest
Peer consultation group
Mentoring group
Socialize at a Restaurant/Bar 
Picnic/Barbecue with family/friends
Social Advocacy
Art/Craft exhibits by members
Attend an art/music event
Attend a sports event
Active events: bocce ball, mini golf, bowling
Active events: biking, hiking, walking, golf
Joint social/CE events with nearby CAMFT chapters
Office tour/open house
Book Club
Prelicensed Support Group
Newly Licensed Therapist Support Group

Question Title

* 2. How valuable are the following Marin CAMFT features to you:

  High Value Some Value Neutral Little Value No Value
Friday Continuing Education Series
Workshop Continuing Education Series
Annual Summit for Prelicensed Marriage and Family Therapists
Marin CAMFT's website
Marin CAMFT's YahooGroups Listserv
The Quarterly eNewsletter, Connections
The monthly eNewsletter, MCAMFT Updates
The quarterly Therapy Groups List
A printed membership directory
Your profile on the Marin CAMFT website
Eblasts about upcoming events
Free CE offered at the Friday CE Series
Feeling part of a community
The annual Holiday Party
Networking/marketing opportunities
Referrals from colleagues

Question Title

* 3. How much interest do you have in attending a Continuing Education program that features any of the following topics:

  Strong Interest Some Interest Neutral Little Interest No Interest
Suicide Prevention
Somatic Therapies
Gender Identity Issues
Couples Therapy/Divorce
Family Therapy/Parenting
Therapy with Millenials
Therapy with Older Adults
Therapy with Children/Teens
Anger Management/DV
Sex Therapy/Sex Addiction
Diversity Issues
Law and Ethics
Grief and Loss
Substance Abuse and Recovery
Group Therapy
Expressive Therapies
Therapy with Animals
Anxiety/Panic Disorders/Phobias
Complex PTSD
ADD/ADHD in Children/Adults
Trauma and Disaster Response
Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Autistic Disorders
Personality Disorders

Question Title

* 4. According to current rules governing our Continuing Education program, CE credits are not to be given for presentations that focus strictly on non-clinical topics such as practice-building. Please indicate how much interest you would have in attending a workshop that focused on any of the following topics, even if CE credits are not given:

  Strong Interest Some Interest Neutral Little Interest No Interest
Expanding your practice
Building and promoting your website
Creating additional revenue streams
Building a six-figure income
Therapist self-care

Question Title

* 5. Please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements that complete this sentence: "Your Marin CAMFT chapter...."

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Communicates well with members
Provides quality continuing education
Provides enough continuing education
Offers a website that is attractive and easy to use
Supports prelicensed members
Provides opportunities to network
Fosters social advocacy
Enhances visibility for Marin LMFTs
Helps its members build their practices
Contributes to the community

Question Title

* 6. How would you rate the value of your Marin CAMFT membership?

Question Title

* 7. Is there anything else you would like to know?

If you would like to be contacted to discuss your questions, thoughts or feelings about Marin CAMFT and/or this survey, please contact:

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