1. Answer the following questions, click done when you are finished.

* 1. Do you think the Death Penalty should be used on people under 18, or does that violate the Bill of Rights?

* 2. Do you think that people should be allowed to buy assault weapons like machine guns?

* 3. Do you think New York will experience a terrorist attack on the subway system?

* 4. Should the police be allowed to search people's bags in subway stations to prevent terrorism?

* 5. Do you think "Intelligent Design" is a religious theory because it states that a higher power created humans?

* 6. Do you think you should learn about "Intelligent Design" in science class?

* 7. Do you think it violates the First Amendment to prevent young people from purchasing violent video games?

* 8. Does it go against the First and Fourth Amendments for the government to read Americans’ email and listen to their phone calls to prevent terrorism?